The Character Of A Follower Of Jesus, Design For Discipleship #4


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Why do you do what you do as a Christian? What are the internal qualities that should drive a disciple’s life?

God’s design for your life with Him involves not only outward behavior but also inner values.

This insightful, easy-to-grasp study will help you learn and apply what Scripture says about the character of the authentic follower of Jesus, including living with genuine love, purity, and integrity, so you can put into action what you learn about The Character of the Christian.

Using this study’s 5 sessions, understand and put into action the internal qualities and values that should drive your life as a disciple of Christ.

If using in a group, personal study is needed between meetings.

The Design for Discipleship Bible study series from The Navigators has been the best-selling discipleship course for over 25 years. Newly updated with interactive, discussion-prompting questions and quotes from Christian leaders, it can be used on your own or in a group.

Created by the Navigators, an interdenominational, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people “know Christ and make Him known” as they look to Him and His Word to chart their lives.

Navigators have invested their lives in people for more than seventy-five years, coming alongside them life on life to study the Bible, develop a deepening prayer life, and memorize and apply Scripture, the ultimate goal is to equip Christ followers to fulfill 2 Timothy 2:2—to teach what they have learned to others.

Today, tens of thousands of people worldwide are coming to know and grow in Jesus Christ through the various ministries of The Navigators. Internationally, more than 4,600 Navigator staff of 70 nationalities serve in more than 100 countries.

Series: Design for Discipleship (Book 4)

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Design for Discipleship Series includes…

  1. Your Life In Christ
  2. The Spirit Filled Follower Of Jesus
  3. Walking With Christ
  4. The Character Of A Follower Of Jesus
  5. Foundations for Faith
  6. Growing in Discipleship
  7. Our Hope in Christ
  8. Design For Discipleship Leaders Guide


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