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Joni Eareckson Tada’s concise guide to helping families affected by autism spectrum disorder is packed with easy-to-read information, practical tips, and Scriptures at your fingertips!

The 20-page Help a Friend: Autism pamphlet will help you—

  • Provide practical support and help to families affected by autism
  • Dispel common myths about people with autism spectrum disorder
  • Effectively include children and adults with autism in church activities
  • and more!

Autism Spectrum Disorder in children has increased to nearly 120% from 2000, making it the fastest-growing developmental disability known, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Comforting parents of a newly diagnosed child can be a challenge, but with this enriching pamphlet you will be equipped with resources to provide help and support. Get equipped with biblical wisdom and practical, time-tested advice from Joni Eareckson Tada and gain the confidence to be there for your friend or relative when they need you most.

Perfect for personal use, small groups, ministry gifts, church giveaways and more. 20 panels, 3.85″ x 8.5″, unfolds to 38.5 inches long. Easily fits in a standard legal envelope.

3 Features of the Help a Friend: Autism Pamphlet by Joni Eareckson Tada

1. Practical Tips to Help a Friend Cope with Autism

Is there anything I can do/say when my friend’s child is diagnosed with autism? How can I befriend a new member of my church or small group that has autism? When is it OK to offer prayer? How can I involve others to help my friend in a way that’s safe and tactful? Enjoy having the answers to all these questions and more at your fingertips with the Help a Friend: Autism pamphlet. With this pamphlet you’ll have—

  • Practical ways to make friends with children and adults with autism
  • Tips for praying with those coping with autism
  • Ways to use the fruit of the Spirit to serve families affected by autism
  • and more!

2. Simple Overview, Explanations, and Facts About Autism

Get equipped with a clear definition and explanation of autism to gain a better understanding of what your friend is going through. Autism spectrum disorder is complicated disability because of wide range of symptoms involved. From antisocial behavior to resistance to change and learning disabilities, autism takes on many forms in varied combinations. With the Help a Friend: Autism pamphlet, you will quickly get a simple overview on everything you need to know about autism. You will get—

  • A Simple Overview—including the most common symptoms
  • 7 Myths about Autism
  • Important facts and statistics on autism
  • and more!

Gain the confidence and strength to walk beside your friends and loved ones coping with autism towards God’s good and glorious plans for them.

3. Biblical Wisdom and Relatable

Get encouraged by brief stories from families that learned to thrive with autism. From Scriptures to real life stories, Joni Eareckson Tada brings instant encouragement to equip you with the tools you need to guide your friend through difficult times. Also gain understanding of God’s purposes for pain and his redemption plan. Know when to lend an ear, share assurance of God’s comfort, and more! Includes—

  • Relatable stories to encourage and strengthen
  • 3 tips for serving families with autism in your church
  • and more!

Perfect for:

  • Individual use
  • Small groups
  • Ministry gifts
  • Lay counseling
  • Chaplain programs
  • Church giveaways
  • and more!

Joni Eareckson Tada, the Founder and CEO of Joni and Friends International Disability Center, is an international advocate for people with disabilities. A diving accident in 1967 left Joni Eareckson, then 17, a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. After two years of rehabilitation, she emerged with new skills and a fresh determination to help others in similar situations. She founded Joni and Friends in 1979 to provide Christ-centered ministry to special-needs families, as well as training for churches. Joni and Friends serves thousands of special-needs families through Family Retreats, and has delivered over 170,000 wheelchairs and Bibles to needy individuals with disabilities in developing nations. Joni survived stage III breast cancer in 2010, yet keeps a very active schedule. Her newest book, A Spectacle of Glory, won best devotional book in the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association’s 2017 Christian Book Awards – it contains fresh biblical insights from her battle with chronic pain. Joni is General Editor of Tyndale’s Beyond Suffering Bible, a special edition published for those who suffer chronic conditions, and their caregivers. She and her husband Ken were married in 1982 and reside in Calabasas, California. You can learn more about Joni’s ministry at or can write her at [email protected].

  • Pamphlet: 20 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1628624760
  • ISBN-13: 978-1628624762
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