Lifelines: Sound Advice from the Heroes of the Faith


Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft

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What if, during a battle with fear, we could take some tips from David? Or in wrestling with a relationship, we could learn from Ruth? Or when we’ve got questions about the future, we could sit down with Joseph? Through their successes, struggles, and failures, these men and women of faith have blazed a trail for us to follow. We can walk beside them and discover God with them. Their stories took place thousands of years ago, but what their lives teach us has never mattered more.

Much of what we learn comes from the people we live with. We see and share their worlds and, without realizing it, are shaped by them. What would it be like if we could share in the lives of the great heroes of the faith? In Lifelines, Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft help us understand what the stories of these biblical characters have to teach us about how to live lives full of faith and integrity today.

Mike and Andy are a gift to more than one generation, but their way of connecting with young people in post-Christian cultures is beyond rare. In a time when so many churches are emptying out, to see them rally thousands of students and young people around Jesus is a kind of embodied hope. I’m thrilled that Mike and Andy are writing Lifelines. They are the very thing they call all of us to be.” – John Mark Comer. Author and Pastor of Bridgetown Church Portland.

Mike Pilavachi is the copastor of Soul Survivor Watford in London and the founder of Soul Survivor, an international movement that equips young people to make a difference in their generation.

Andy Croft is the co-pastor of Soul Survivor Watford and is the coauthor with Pilavachi of the books Storylines and Everyday Supernatural.

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