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Rolland Baker

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The evidence of revival in Africa through Rolland and Heidi Baker’s IRIS Global is clear to see: tens of thousands of churches have been planted and hundreds of thousands of lives have been surrendered to Christ. But what have been the keys to seeing such a revival sustained over so many years?

Rather than offering a transferable model – because everyone’s context is different – Rolland Baker shares the five core principles that have become the bedrock of IRIS Global’s ministry. They reveal how revival can be sustained by supernatural love.

These five principles fuel a cooperation with the Holy Spirit that leads to a Kingdom outpouring. Rolland writes, “We don’t impose these values on our ministry – the Spirit of God has imposed them on us. We simply recognize and adopt them.” Readers will grasp both a deep longing for authentic relationship with the Lord and see how His love and power might be released in their own lives and ministry.

“The core values for Iris ministries are not just ideals and theories. They are the way of life for Rolland, Heidi and their staff. The stories that Rolland shares are very real—sacrificial, miraculous, hard, hopeful, and joyous. I don’t know any two people who have faced more devastating, and even life threatening circumstances than these two. Neither do I know any who have experienced more unexplainable miracles. I’ve watched as time and time again, in impossible situations, they have abandoned themselves in full surrender to Love, held out empty hands, and God has showed up in power to fill them to overflowing. Rolland beautifully highlights that the key to sustained revival is a revived heart and that only happens in a love relationship with Jesus. That is the key to the life they live. Do you want revival? Love Jesus with all your heart. Do you want to see your family, your church, your city transformed. Love Jesus with all your heart. Do you want to experience more of the supernatural? Love Jesus with all your heart. Take the time to prayerfully read this book, and then watch your heart burn with a greater love for Jesus.” Bill Johnson, Bethel Church – Redding, CA

Rolland Baker is a third generation missionary who has devoted his life to serving the poor and proclaiming the name of Jesus for over thirty years. Rolland and Heidi Baker lead Iris Global, a missions organization that exists to participate in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth in all its aspects, but most especially through their calling to serve the very poor in Mozambique. Rolland’s passion is to share a message of love and childlike faith.

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