Praying For Your Second Chance


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Walk with the Israelites as they discover who they are and where they are going. As with all his “Praying the Scriptures” books, Towns writes Praying Numbers and Deuteronomy in a poetic style, combining modern-day language with a lyrical twist. You will be amazed when the Shekinah-glory cloud lifts from the Tabernacle, the silver trumpet sounds, and three million move as one toward the Promised Land. You will be with Moses as he sees the rich grass, the waving golden grain, and the forest at the heart of the Promised Land–and as he lays down in death on top of Nebo. See how the Always-Present One loves and takes care of all those who belong to Him (Deut. 33:2-3). The stories bring to life the wanderings of the Israelites and their ever faithful God.

Includes: 382-page paperback book.

ISBN: 9780768427608


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