My Grandmother is Praying for Me: Daily Prayers, Proverbs and Activities for Character Development in Grandchildren


Kathryn March, Pamela Ferriss and Susan Kelton

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Your prayers are the most important gift you can give to your grandchild.

Use this yearlong guide to pray for your grandchild’s spiritual development in twelve key areas from faithfulness and humility to integrity and wisdom.

Each day features…

  • a verse from Proverbs,
  • a related prayer,
  • and an activity that you can use to teach your grandchild important truths from God’s Word.

The story of this book began when the Lord led one of the authors to pray through the book of Proverbs for the character development of her grandchildren. As the three of us discussed this practice and studied this great book of wisdom, we realized that while the verses contain directives by which to live, these alone cannot produce godly character. It is ultimately the quickening of God’s Spirit and the inner working of His grace which cause a person to be conformed to His image. With this as our foundation, we spent time individually and together identifying those character traits we most longed for the Lord to develop in our grandchildren. After compiling a list of traits and grouping them into twelve categories—one for each month—we asked the Lord to guide and direct our prayers.

It was exciting, yet sobering, to realize that if we prayed “effective and fervent prayers” on behalf of our grandchildren, our sovereign and good God promises to hear those prayers and answer them. As the Lord gave form to our prayers, He also impressed upon us the importance of reinforcing the development of the character traits through applications. Thus, on each day’s entry, we have included a verse from Proverbs, a prayer specific to that verse, and an activity that allows grandmother and grandchild to interact in a practical application of the truth.

We know there are limitations to the prayers and activities as written. For example, we found that it proved too awkward to write each prayer for both grandsons and granddaughters, and so we alternated. One day, our prayers utilize the feminine pronouns for our grandchildren and the next day, the male pronouns. The prayers, however, are designed for both boys and girls. We encourage the reader to pray the prayer on behalf of a grandchild, perhaps inserting the name.

We also realize that in our variety of applications, some may be more appropriate for younger children and others for those who are older. Each application is meant to jumpstart the reader’s own creativity. We acknowledge and delight in the diversity of our readers, and encourage them to adapt the application section to their unique needs, locations, and resources.

In categorizing the character traits, we recognized that often there was overlap of two or three characteristics contained in a single verse. The reader may think that a verse categorized under the trait “Graciousness” might be more appropriate under “Wisdom.” We wrestled with this dilemma, prayed through the verses, and made the best decisions we could. We are well aware, however, that others might have chosen differently.

We are three very ordinary women, three grandmothers who believe in the faithfulness of God. Our hearts’ desire is simply and profoundly to implore the Lord to equip the next generations to stand strong in their faith. While we want our grandchildren to know that we are praying for them—regularly, specifically, fervently—we are even more concerned that they know our God and His promise to hear and answer those who call on Him. It is our earnest prayer that, early in life, our grandchildren will come to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, which will equip them to be godly men and women, able to influence the world with the gospel.

For you, dear reader, we pray a sense of God’s presence and leading as these prayers are uttered on behalf of this next generation. We pray that your own faith will be strengtened and that you will experience God’s blessings. Finally, we pray that God would enable us all to leave a legacy of faith so that He might be honored and glorified. May we proclaim together Psalm 89:1–2: “I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations. I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you established your faithfulness in heaven itself.”

As you read these Scriptures and pray these prayers, we want you to know that we are praying for you.

Kathryn March is originally from Minnesota and now lives in Brentwood, Tennessee. She graduated from Wells Colleges and has a master’s degree in counseling from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Kathryn has been married to Sal for 40 years and has two married children and five granddaughters. She has a special love for women’s ministry and has spoken at both national and international conferences. Presently, she works as an educational consultant for students. She is also an avid runner and enjoys sharing a good cup of coffee with friends. Anyone interested in learning more about Kathryn can visit

Pamela Ferriss was a child of the Mississippi Delta and received a degree in political science from Mississippi State University and a juris doctor degree from the University of Mississippi. Pam has been married to David for 39 years and has two married children. She is a grandmother to three young granddaughters and lives in Brentwood, Tennessee. Pam’s interests include studying the Scriptures, ministering to mothers of young children, and connecting people with each other. Anyone interested in learning more about Pam can visit

Susan Kelton, a Louisiana native, graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in psychology. She did further study at L’Abri in Switzerland. Susan and her husband, Mac, had three adult sons and five grandchildren. Susan had an exuberant, entrepreneurial, and pioneering spirit and was an active realtor for more than thirty years. She loved reading, gardening, and exercising her gift of hospitality.

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