Getting A Church Started: The Theological Foundation and Practical Techniques, eBook PDF and Audio Seminar Instant Downloads ($60 value for only $19.99)


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Dr. Elmer Towns has a desire to see healthy churches planted.

Starting a new church is one of the greatest ways to reach people who are not currently attending church in your community.

Church planting extends the Kingdom of God.

Dr Towns has interviewed people who have established successful new churches and has developed this unique PDF manual and audio seminar for Getting a Church Started.

Discover the theological foundation and practical techniques of planting a church.

The 164-page eBook Instant PDF Download includes these forms which can be edited and customized…

  • A Church Constitution that is fundamental in doctrine, congregational in authority and pastoral leadership in administration. The church constitution contained in the disk includes the historic doctrinal statement of the New Hampshire Confession of Faith which is over 200 years old.

  • A Chartering Statement. The Chartering Statement is an instrument used to establish the new church. The one included on this disk has been used by Baptists for almost 200 years to incorporate churches.

  • A Community Survey that can be used by the church planter to gather information from the area being considered for the church start.

  • Sample News Release that can be used to spread the word about the new church.

This is a 164 page eBook Instant PDF Download, 2.3 MB, with the three files noted above attached to the PDF, available for download immediately after purchase.

Once purchased, you will later receive receive an email with a link to click to the two Audio Seminar tracks for a total of 72 minutes, which you can listen to online and/or download to any device you may desire.

ISBN: 9781570521843


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