Activate: An Entirely New Approach to Small Groups


Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas with Jennifer Dykes Henson


An Entirely New Approach to Small Groups

Church leaders want to know how to make small groups work for their church communities, yet a quick look around shows that while small groups are popular, much of the time they create more problems than they solve. Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas, founding pastors of The Journey Church in the heart of New York City, suggest that this failure is due to widely held beliefs about small groups that just aren’t true–and they aim to debunk the myths and set the record straight! Drawing from the startling success of small groups at The Journey Church, Searcy and Thomas show how church leaders can implement a life-changing small group ministry that gets the maximum number of people involved and solves many of the important problems facing churches of all sizes.

Build a small group ministry with 100% participation

Want to know how to make your small groups work? Drawing from the startling success of small groups at The Journey Church, Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas debunk the myths, set the record straight, and show how you can implement a healthy small group ministry in your church. Activate offers surprising answers to questions such as

– How do I get 100% of my church involved in small groups?
– How do I recruit and train enough small group leaders?
– How long should a small group last?
– How big should a small group be?
– What is a good structure for small group ministry?
– How do I get small groups involved in serving and evangelism?

Want to get the maximum number of people involved in a dynamic small group ministry no matter what size your church is? These practical strategies will produce life-changing results.

Nelson Searcy is the founding and lead pastor of The Journey Church. He is the author of more than seventy-five church growth resources and twelve books, including The Generosity Ladder, Maximize, Connect, and Ignite. He is also the founder of and the Renegade Pastors Network.

Kerrick Thomas is a teaching pastor at The Journey Church and regularly co-leads training events with Nelson Searcy. Prior to his move to New York to plant The Journey, he received a master of divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Jennifer Dykes Henson is a writer, wife, and mom to two young girls. She has coauthored several bestselling books, including The Generosity Ladder and Tongue Pierced. Previously, Jennifer worked with Dr. Charles Stanley as the marketing communications manager for In Touch Ministries. She lives with her family in Atlanta, Georgia.
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